Mechanical Engineering
Capstone Design

Challenging our future engineers with design projects that benefit the common good

What is Capstone Design (ME 450)?

Undergraduate mechanical engineering students at the University of Michigan complete a capstone design project near the end of their degree program. ME 450 Capstone Design offers students exposure to the design process from concept generation through analysis to prototype validation.

Working in teams of four or five students, this semester-long project allows them the opportunity to apply much of what they have learned from their engineering degree program on an open-ended design problem. Twice-weekly team meetings with faculty are used to provide a constant stream of feedback throughout the term as each team iterates its designs and associated deliverables. At the end of the term, the students showcase their solutions at the University of Michigan Engineering Design Expo.

Capstone projects serve industry, startups, faculty-research labs, and community-based organizations located around the globe. Many capstone design projects focus on benefiting the common good.

ME 450 Students Building a Huge Rubik's Cube


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